Constructions on the new throwing track starts

Measure and go

Last week, another measure was taken. As many could already see from the social media, the litter center receives 2 new start-up tracks. Together with the city of Jena and our new LC Jena and JenJavelin Parter MONDO tracks, we are implementing a project with a lasting impact.

Better conditions

For our athletes and training guests, we are constantly working on better conditions. So it was very important to us to tackle the railway after the railway problems last summer in particular. In the sense: “If then correctly” we decided to bring the world championship course for 2019 to Jena. At the same time, in the future, we will be working even more closely together with the manufacturer MONDO in the development, hoping to support the future of the worldwide javelin throw in terms of material technology.

Two times 100m

The construction measures, which are to be completed at the beginning of April, are going to result in two throwing plants with trend-setting and the rules according to 100m sectors per track.

Now we hope for a smooth construction of the foundation and brisk warmer weather in spring.