JenJavelin Team Jena


With the Olympic champion Petra Felke and the Olympic gold coach Harro Schwuchow we have  an enormous fundamet of experience and knowledge from the international javelin throw in Jena. Both trainers pursue a common philosophy of exchange and sustainable development in the coaching of all talents in their daily work.

The unique combination of coaching expertise in the women’s and men’s field allows the JenJavelin team excellent flexibility in the implementation of individual training concepts of different athletes.

At the site, our team is operationally divided into 2 training groups where Petra Felke is dedicated to working with our young women. The support of international top athletes, as recently by the two-time Olympian Elizabeth Gleadle, is planned and lived by her with passion.

The male part of the Jena javelin squad is headed by Harro Schwuchow. In addition to Olympic champion Thomas Röhler, he is the driving force of the Jena network node in the international javelin throw. In addition to the talent search and development of the international javelin throw, our coaching team maintains close ties in the field of dual careers to create optimal conditions for our athletes and talents in addition to the programs on track.



Petra Felke

JenJavelin coach Petra Felke

Olympic champion 1988

Coaching career:

  • Studies at DHfK Leipzig
  • Coach and mother of Tom Meier
  • Head of the womens squad at JenJavelin since 2016

Biggest coaching successes:

  • 2 National titles with son
    Tom Meier
  • National title with Lotte Reimann (former LC Jena)

Biggest sports successes:

  • Olympic champion 1988
  • World championships Silver 1991
  • World record with 80,00m

Harro Schwuchow

Coaching career:

  • Studies at DHfK Leipzig
  • Assistant coach at SC Einheit Dresden
  • from 1988 coach for shot / discus
  • since 2013 head coach javelin in Jena

Biggest coaching successes:

  • Olympic gold with Thomas Röhler
  • European title with Thomas Röhler
  • World u20 Bronce with Maurice Voigt
  • National title u16 with Tom Pabst


  • A- coaching licence of DLV



Marie Bertl

Age group: u-20

Personal best: 49,65m with 500g

Rolemodel: Petra Felke

Size: 1,75m

Strengths in training: Determination.

Squad: D



Tom Pabst

Tom Pabst - Jena

German champion u-16

Age group: u-18

Personal best: 64,36m with 700g

Rolemodel: Thomas Röhler

Size: 1,80m

Strengths in training: The love of hard and challenging workouts.

Squad: D


Sarah Linke

Age group: u-20

Personal best: 44,56m with 500g

Rolemodel: Barbora Spotakova

Size: 1,73m

Strengths in training: Attacking.

Squad: D



Nina Hoffmann

Age group: u-23

Profession: Psychology student

Event: Mountainbike/Downhill (since 2015), before: javelin

Successes 2017:

3rd German nationals Downhill

2nd European Downhill Cup Spicak (CZ)

Winner German Downhill Cup


Elisabeth Scherf

Age group: u-18

Personal best: 42,38m

Rolemodel: Petra Felke

Size: 1,75m

Strengths in training: Focus.




Maurice Voigt

Maurice Voigt - SpeerwurfAge group: u-20

Personal best: 64,88m with 700g

Rolemodel: Thomas Röhler

Size: 1,83m

Strengths in training: Ambitious.

Squad: D

Facebook: maurice voigt


Laura Reimann

Laura_Reimann of JenJavelin - SpeerwurfteamAge group: U-18

Personal best: 43,72m with 500g

Rolemodel: Linda Stahl and Petra Felke

Size: 1,70m

Strengths in training: Determination and strong motivation.




Tom Meier

National champion u-18 / u-20

Age group: u-23

Personal best: 73,15m with 800g

Role models: Andreas Thorkildsen, Dmitry Klokov

Size: 1,93m

Strengths in training: Definitely the motivation for strength training and hard long units on the iron.


Thomas Röhler

Olympic champion 2016

Age group: Senior

Personal best: 93,90m


Size: 1,92m

Strengths in training: Innovation and fun.

Squad: Olympic team of DLV

Our newcomers 2018/2019:

Jasmin Stark

Jovelin Manjate

Kathy Duphorn

Tom Flöter

Moritz Zigawe

Paul Jahn

National Champion u16 2018