JenJavelin Team Jena


Harro Schwuchow

Coaching career:

  • Studies at DHfK Leipzig
  • Assistant coach at SC Einheit Dresden
  • from 1988 coach for shot / discus
  • since 2013 head coach javelin in Jena

Biggest coaching successes:

  • Olympic gold with Thomas Röhler
  • European title with Thomas Röhler
  • World u20 Bronce with Maurice Voigt
  • National title u16 with Tom Pabst


  • A- coaching licence of DLV



Marie Bertl

Age group: u-20

Personal best: 49,65m with 500g

Rolemodel: Petra Felke

Size: 1,75m

Strengths in training: Determination.

Squad: D



Tom Pabst

Tom Pabst - Jena

German champion u-16

Age group: u-18

Personal best: 64,36m with 700g

Rolemodel: Thomas Röhler

Size: 1,80m

Strengths in training: The love of hard and challenging workouts.

Squad: D


Sarah Linke

Age group: u-20

Personal best: 44,56m with 500g

Rolemodel: Barbora Spotakova

Size: 1,73m

Strengths in training: Attacking.

Squad: D



Nina Hoffmann

Age group: u-23

Profession: Psychology student

Event: Mountainbike/Downhill (since 2015), before: javelin

Successes 2017:

3rd German nationals Downhill

2nd European Downhill Cup Spicak (CZ)

Winner German Downhill Cup


Elisabeth Scherf

Age group: u-18

Personal best: 42,38m

Rolemodel: Petra Felke

Size: 1,75m

Strengths in training: Focus.




Maurice Voigt

Maurice Voigt - SpeerwurfAge group: u-20

Personal best: 64,88m with 700g

Rolemodel: Thomas Röhler

Size: 1,83m

Strengths in training: Ambitious.

Squad: D

Facebook: maurice voigt


Laura Reimann

Laura_Reimann of JenJavelin - SpeerwurfteamAge group: U-18

Personal best: 43,72m with 500g

Rolemodel: Linda Stahl and Petra Felke

Size: 1,70m

Strengths in training: Determination and strong motivation.




Tom Meier

National champion u-18 / u-20

Age group: u-23

Personal best: 73,15m with 800g

Role models: Andreas Thorkildsen, Dmitry Klokov

Size: 1,93m

Strengths in training: Definitely the motivation for strength training and hard long units on the iron.


Thomas Röhler

Olympic champion 2016

Age group: Senior

Personal best: 93,90m


Size: 1,92m

Strengths in training: Innovation and fun.

Squad: Olympic team of DLV

Our newcomers 2018/2019:

Jasmin Stark

Jovelin Manjate

Kathy Duphorn

Tom Flöter

Moritz Zigawe

Paul Jahn

National Champion u16 2018